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Swirl flowmeter



FVTS series swirlmeter offered by Fishermeter combines the merits of both Vortex and Turbine flowmeters.
With advanced signal processing technique (DSP) integrating innovative design with precision engineering,
FVTS can be used to measure gas, liquid and steam in high precision. As common sense, we all know that
steams or gases are generally rated and metered by mass, so these meters are frequently used in
combination with a pressure and/or temperature sensor in one system. A configuration of this nature is ideal
for such metering systems involving markedly different fluids and gases: saturated steam, superheated
steam, compressed air, nitrogen, hydrogen, liquefied gases, flue gases, carbon dioxide, fully demineralized
and purified water, solvents, condensate, etc.
Measuring Principle             
The flowmeter compels the fluid to change from axial flow to rotary motion by means of the spiral guide blade
fixed on the inlet of flow transmitter, and the secondary spiral motion is formed finally, namely vortex precession.
The frequency of secondary spiral motion (vortex precession) is proportional to the flow. When the geometric
design of flow passage of flow transmitter is proper, in a large flow range, the linear relation exists between 
frequency and flow. The frequency of vortex precession is detected by piezoelectric probe and is converted into
corresponding current signal by means of signal converter.


·       Advanced digital signal processing (DSP)
·       Short inlet (3D) & outlet section (1D)
·       No moving parts contacting medium, free from wear and maintenance
·       Wide measuring range: 201
·       Maximum viscosity of medium is up to 70mPa/s


·       Measure lower velocity without using transition pipe
·       Meter saturated and superheated steam
·       Mass or volume measurement
·       Low density gas, like Hydrogen
·       Clear backlit LCD display with magnet switches operating function


 Technical Parameters                        
·       Wide range of nominal diameters: DN 15 (1/2”) to DN 300 (12”)
·       Measuring accuracy: ±0.5%±1.0% for measurement of liquids, gases and steams
·       Output: 4-20mA analog signal & configurable pulse output
·       Degree of protection: IP67
·       Process temperature: -40~300 


·       Explosion proof class: intrinsic safety, explosion proof
·       Pressure rating: PN16100, CL150900
·       Communication: HART, PROFIBUS PA, FOUNDATION Fieldbus
·       Type of converter: Compact or remote
·       With integrated temperature & pressure measurement for computing mass flow


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